Apple will Announce the new, Three iPhone

Apple will Announce the New, Three iPhone

Apple will Announce the new, Three iPhone
Apple will Announce the new, Three iPhone
Apple will Announce the new, Three iPhone: ApplePremier is waiting for the new iPhone every year. Their expectations increased in September. This month, the new iPhone announced by the US-based technology company. Today is the day of announcement of Apple's product on September 12. Market analysts are speculating that, in the night, all eyes will remain in California, in California. The Steve Jobs Theater can announce new products including the iPhone, the US company can announce.

According to India's NTV Online, the program will announce the announcement of Apple products at Bangladesh time around 10am. The main attraction of the event is the announcement of the iPhone.

There has been a lot of buzz around the world of technology around the new iPhone for a long time. Analysts believe this year Apple's chief executive Tim Cook will announce the new three models of iPhone this year. Apart from this, the announcement of iPad Pro, big display Apple Watch, Retina Display MacBook Air, new Mac Mini Desktop Computer and Air Power Wireless Charger can be announced.

Apple said the program will begin at 10 am local time on September 12.

Apple's annual event is very interesting. Because the whole program is sticking to the shock of new products and updates technology. It is said that on September 12, the new version of the new iPhones, a new model, the MacBook Air, and Mac mini version will be unveiled. New Apple Watch will be seen.

It is expected that the iPhone will come in the market this year, like the announced iPhone X last year. One of the 5 dimensional 8-inch OLED display. This is the next version of iPhone X Its name may be iPhone Xs. Apart from the OLED display, there will be a new six-inch screen with a new iPhone. Its name might be iPhone X Max Max. Apple can announce an LCD display of the iPhone with two OLD display iPhones. It has a 6-inch-wide LCD display. Instead of stainless steel, there will be aluminum frames beside this phone. But many people say that the name of the phone may be iPhone 9 Someone says that the new iPhone could come in the market as the iPhone XR.

Engadget says the new three iPhones may be iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus.

Initially, Apple did not say anything official about the new Apple, the Apple authorities said.

It is being speculated that the new iPhone will be available in the market for LCD displays between 699 and 749 US dollars. However, a recent report said that the new iPhone could cost $ 849.

According to a report by Trendforge, market research firm, the price of the iPhone's Lcd version could be $ 699. However, the price of the featured phone model can go up to 749 US dollars. Trendforos said the model would be affordable. According to the market analyst organization, the price of OLDE versions is between $ 899 and $ 949. Earlier, analyst Ming Shi Qi predicted that the LCD model would cost $ 600 to $ 700. In many cases, the well was seen to be the result of the well.

The most talked about three versions of the iPhone are the 6 inches-inch LCD model. Recently many information about the phone is leaked. The idea is that the phone can be like the iPhone 5 Sire.

After the announcement in September last year, the iPhone X was launched in November. With the announcement this year, Apple will start selling new iPhones

The new iPad 3 could come in the market with iPhones. For the first time, the iPad's Bazel Lace Display and Face Unlock features are available. In addition, the new Retina Display MacBook Air will be available in the market. So much so that only the Retina display was being used in the MacBook Pro series. For the first time, Apple's lightweight MacBook Air series will have a retina display. The new desktop computer Mac mini will come in the market. The new Apple Watch will also be available for the first time with the Edge-to-Edge display.

There is a buzz, the new iPad display will be relatively big. And with the new model of Apple Watch being bigger, the Bezel will be small. The Verge report says that the new MacBook Air will be more affordable than before, retina display may have.

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