New iPhone 13/09/2018 (Video)

New iPhone 13/09/2018

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, who has demanded to bring the number one smartphone in the world market. Apple has announced three new models of iPhone for this year at an event in California, USA on September 12. There was a buzz around the new technology in the world for a long time. This year, the announcement of three new models of smartphone, iPhone X, X Max, iPhone XR, have been announced. Take a look at some of Apple's new iPhone announcements:

Apple has announced that it will bring three models of the iPhone to the market as 'the most advanced iPhone' on its own. Apple's senior vice-president of marketing department Phil Shila has announced. Photo: Reuters

This year the iPhone will come in the market, iPhone X, X Max, iPhone three new iPhone named X. iPhone design last year is similar to the iPhone X in the market. Photo: Reuters

Apple chief executive Tim Cook, who was proud of the new iPhone. His client-satisfaction rate is 98 percent, he claimed. Photo: Reuters

New features added to the new iPhone In the iPhone Xs 5.8 inches and XS Max 6.5 inches OLED display. Phil Rocker has highlighted various features of the iPhone. Photo: Reuters

Apple Mac OS phone announcement has been announced in Apple's event. 12 bionic chips have been used in large-scale phones. The price of iPhone Xs and Xs Max has started from 999 and 1099 USD. The pre-order will start from the 14th of this month. The market will start selling on September 21. Photo: AFP

iPhone Xs and Xs Max The IP 68 certified hydroelectric facility allows the device to be used for 30 minutes under water of two meters. The new face ID will work faster than the previous iPhone. Photo: AFP

White, red, blue, yellow and black colors can be found in iPhone XR. The price will start at 749 US dollars. The pre-order will start on October 19, beginning on October 26. Photo: AFP

Dual SIM facility is kept on the new iPhone. Gaming, music, and movies will be more enjoyable because of the convenience of story speaker speakers. OS 12 as the operating system The device can be found in two Gold, Silver and Space Gray colors. Photo: Reuters

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